Trading Bitcoin With – GigaFX Review

It is pertinent to ensure that you trade with a known and reputable source such as GigaFX.


GigaFX Review

Traders will always choose a broker who has received prestigious awards in the industry and I have picked out GigaFX as my favorite broker to trade with during the first half of 2018. This firm has been recently developed and still has gained immense popularity in the trading community. It is recognized for its excellent service and trading platforms. This firm now operates on the global scale. It is a regulated firm which provides crypto trading services to numerous traders from over 76 countries worldwide.

Bitcoin trading is done with GigaFX on the Metatrader4 platform and with the renowned Webtrader platform. Cryptocurrency, forex, futures contracts, equity indices and precious metals are among the list of assets that can be traded through this broker. All standard devices like smart phones, tablets, laptops and computers can access these accounts. The software provided is compatible with all these platforms and their operating systems. The accounts available are demo, standard spread and ECN capabilities.


Contract For Difference Crypto trading with GigaFX, is basically an arrangement between the client and GigaFX where they agree to exchange the difference between opening and closing price of their contract. The underlying principle can be pretty much summed up as ‘invest money to make money’.

Trading Flexibility With GigaFX Crypto CFD Broker

Trading flexibility is one of the biggest advantages that Bitcoin and cryptocurrency CFD trading has over traditional trading. Your chances of making profit from the financial market are independent of the pricing situation – which essentially means you can make profit either from buying or from selling, depending on the rising or falling price of the cryptocurrency.

While trading CFD’s with GigaFX it is not necessary that you own the cryptocurrency which reduces any cost that would be associated with owning the cryptocurrency. If you buy, while assuming that the price will rise and if it does then you can make profit by selling.

Similarly if you sell, while assuming that the price will fall and if it does then you can make profit by buying at lower price.

Trading Cryptos With Leverage

CFD’s are a ‘leveraged’ product which means an initial investment is required to set up shop. The investment is much less as compared to the benefits that one can reap from it because of the exposure to the global crytocurrency market place. This leverage does have its pro’s and con’s. So, being mindful of your own resources before making the investment is necessary.

The risk of losing more money than your initial investment with GigaFX can be minimized by learning how to use risk management tools like stop loss order, stop entry orders, take profit orders etc. Another important thing to keep in mind is the ‘spread’ – the difference in the buy and sell price which gets quoted in CFD pricing.

Preserve Precious Capital

If you have recently dabbled in CFD crypto and Bitcoin trading or are interested in it, you will come across ‘preserve precious capital’ very often. It is a money management idea introduced by Marcel in his book ‘High Probability Trading’. The essence of the idea is to focus on saving what you have instead of focusing on gaining more profits.

A Dependable Cryptocurrency Broker

After you are done learning how to trade with a GigaFX demo account and the trading education offered on the brokers website, it is pertinent to ensure that you continue to trade with a known and reputable source such as GigaFX where withdrawal of funds and profits is simple and funds are always secure. Otherwise chances are someone will make easy money off you by duping you. Having realistic goals in trading is essential because you can either make a lot of money or lose a whole lot of it depending on how your trade goes on a particular day.

The internet is an infinite source of information filled with a word of advice and a word of caution and tips and tricks of how to do Bitcoin CFD trading but what’s imperative is that you need to know for sure, if you are ready for what CFD has to offer you along with the terms and conditions attached to it.

GigaFX ensures profits to you through protecting your funds from other banks. You can apply segregation techniques with Tier-I banks. GigaFX also provides another add-on. This firm partakes in the funds of domestic Investor Compensation. All the actions and schemes of the firm are designed to guarantee satisfaction to the customer.

Features of Trading With GigaFX

Metatrader4 products and trading platforms are available to all the customers of this brokerage firm. The leverage ratio is quite high. Universal accounts are provided to all traders. Accounts of GigaFX provide higher speed for lower transaction fees and spreads, along with increased transparency. Affiliate relations are available and their benefits are plenty. Extensive partnering is also provided by GigaFX. The customer service executives can be contacted via telephone, live chat, email or by requesting a call back. Personal information of all traders is encrypted using the latest 256-bit SSL technology.

Platforms Offered

The GigaFX team makes use of the admired and user friendly Metatrader4 product line. This line of products includes Android Trader, MetaTrader 4, MT4 iphone & iPad trader, MT4 multi-terminal and MT4 Mac OS Trader. As long as the trader can get connected to the internet he/she can conduct trade through GigaFX. GigaFX can be used for trading at any time of the day. Professional and institutional traders who require high volume throughput can get them at tighter spreads and lower fees through ECN accounts. These accounts have been specifically designed for this purpose. Mirror Trader also provides additional options of trade.

Deposits and Withdrawals

GigaFX supports all the standard deposit methods. These methods are credit cards, bank wire transfers and through local payment providers. All these processes are reliable and make the process of moving clients’ funds easy. Each and every withdrawal request is processed as quickly as possible. There might be times when the process gets detailed and the team of GigaFX informs the trader of this delay. However, it is requested that all clients have all their internationally mandated identity information on file and in the form of soft-copy. This should be done before a request is submitted to the brokerage. These rules must be followed by all crypto brokers across the world.

Extensive Beginner Support

The Customer Service Department of GigaFX is a dedicated and sincere team of employees who put in extra effort each day to make the trading experiences of millions of traders wonderful. This group has received numerous awards which exhibit its credibility and quality to traders who are deciding whether or not to choose GigaFX. The GigaFX team of customer service representatives can speak in multiple languages as this company offers its services globally. Some of the languages are English, Chinese, Arabic and Urdu. Email, live chat and phone are some of the modes of communication through which the customer services can be accessed. These services are available round the clock for the valuable customers of this brokerage. Cryptocurrency education can be availed online and training materials along with plenty of market research cases and files to enhance trading experience of users of GigaFX.