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Primeholders Review

The digital currency market is full of security threats and  uncertainties. As cryptocurrencies are unregulated in most countries, they have become prone to a number of cyber-attacks and other security issues. As more and more traders are interested in investing in this market, there is a growing need of safe and reliable platforms that can be used for trading cryptocurrencies without having to worry about any such problems. Primeholders ( is one such platform that has been designed for trading the next generation of currencies, assets and securities. It is regarded as a revolutionary platform for digital assets trading because it is lighting fast and has the potential of providing traders with substantial returns.

The sign up process on Primeholders is very straightforward and you don’t need to provide a lot of paperwork in order to get started as a trader. All you have to do is open the website, click on sign up, fill out the information provided and you can then get started. It doesn’t take a lot of your time and lets you participate in one of the fastest growing markets in the world. One of the prominent features of Primeholders is that it allows you to trade some of the most popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum etc. and without worrying about any security issues. This is one of the top reasons why Primeholders is gaining popularity amongst traders all around the globe.

Other than that, you can enjoy a wide variety of payment methods for adding and withdrawing funds at Primeholders. You can opt for a method that seems the most convenient for you. Traders from different countries in the world are using Primeholders for trading in the digital currencies market, but there are some countries that are not eligible to use this platform due to regulation issues.

Fees and Charges  

If you do a search online, you will discover that there are a ton of exchange platforms similar to Primeholders that can be found online. While these platforms seem to provide the best features for traders to use, the biggest problem is that they charge hefty fees that can often be a deterrent. Traders do not want to pay a hefty chunk of their earnings in fees and commission, especially after they work so hard. Therefore, they look for a platform that charges them a reasonable fee for its services. This is where Primeholders can help.

When you choose this platform for trading cryptocurrencies and other digital assets, you don’t have to worry about any commission because Primeholders does not charge any. In addition, any fee incurred in making deposits or withdrawals through the various payment methods is also covered by Primeholders and traders don’t need to worry about it. Traders only have to worry about making minimum deposits of EUR500 when using their Visa or MasterCard debit or credit cards. This lack of fee and commission is a huge perk because it allows traders to take home their profits.

Traders have the option of reinvesting their earnings back into the market and earning more or they can also choose to withdraw it if they wish. Another important thing to note is that Primeholders has employed the same policy in all countries where it is available when it comes to fee and commission. They do not charge anything for processing payments and no commission is taken when traders participate in the cryptocurrency market. This applies to all cryptocurrencies, regardless of which one you choose to trade. This feature of Primeholders has contributed a great deal to its worldwide popularity amongst traders as they are able to make considerable investments with minimal costs.

Privacy and Security  

As mentioned before, security is a major concern for traders investing in the cryptocurrency market and Primeholders is aware of this fact. This high frequency trading platform is for cryptocurrencies and other assets in the digital market is security focused and has implemented bank level security features for protecting its clients from hacks and other cyber security threats. Not only does the platform aim to provide financial security to the users, but also ensures that their personal information is kept safe and cannot be accessed by third parties.

First, when it comes to funds security, Primeholders has segregated the wallet infrastructure from the primary platform and the deposits go in cold storage directly. They have also implemented multi-signature signing and the signing procedure is air gapped for maximum security. Primeholders doesn’t allow trades to be made on credit and all orders placed make use of the funds present in the accounts of the traders. The accounts of operational expenditure and that of clients are kept separate so there is no chance of a mix up.

For keeping the data safe, Primeholders has implemented strong encryption measures and all data is encrypted whether it is in motion or at rest. All encrypted systems are also backed up on a regular basis in case the data gets lost. The platform also offers DDOS protection along with IDS and Web Application Firewalls. Another step that Primeholders has taken for maximizing data security is to segregate duties, which means code changes cannot be made by a single person and system changes cannot be made without proper checks and balances.

A full AML and KYC program is also operated on the website and Primeholders has also maintained strong relationships with regulators worldwide due to its policies. While digital currencies are still unregulated, Primeholders is functioning under the assumption that they will eventually be regulated.

Customer Support  

The world of trading is a tad complicated, especially for those who are just getting started. Moreover, as cryptocurrencies are a relatively new kind of digital asset, not many people are aware of how they can be traded. Sure, anyone who has money to invest can start trading in the market, but it is a given that they will encounter problems and hurdles if they are not familiar with the cryptocurrency market. Hence, it is a given that traders on Primeholders are also going to have plenty of queries when using the platform for dealing in cryptocurrencies.

Therefore, the platform has ensured that its users can get any help they need. They can find answers to common questions in the FAQs section. If they do not find answers there, Primeholders has provided an email address that can be used to reach out to them. You can use the email to ask them about any questions you have about the platform itself. You can also consult them about the processes they use and the security measures they implement. They are willing to provide you with comprehensive and accurate answers.

Primeholders customer support can give you a response to your queries within 48 hours. Their agents have the necessary background knowledge needed to resolve any misconceptions you may have. They possess in-depth knowledge about the platform and can provide you with proper guidance on how to operate your account, add funds, make and close trades and then withdraw when you want. They will also be able to provide you information about their policies and rules in order to ensure you are able to use Primeholders for trading cryptocurrencies in the right way.

In case, you are experiencing any problems, their customer service agents are willing to reach out and give you the best possible solution in order to make your trading experience as smooth and seamless as possible.

Pros and Cons  

There are a number of pros and cons of using Primeholders for conducting your trades in the digital currency market. One of the greatest benefits that Primeholders has to offer to its users is that they can access it no matter where they are. They can use Primeholders on the web or also conduct trades on their smartphones or another application if they prefer. In a nutshell, the platform’s aim is to make cryptocurrency trading as easy as possible. As far as the interface is concerned, they have kept it simple and intuitive, which means that even novices can get started with ease.

Primeholders allows for high frequency trading, which can enable you to earn considerable profits in a short amount of time. What’s more is that the platform enables you to apply leverage without having to put in additional capital. While there is plenty of risk involved, Primeholders aims to help its traders in minimizing their risks by making use of two types of stop-loss orders. This ensures that their losses stay at a minimum and their capital stays secure. The tough security measures implemented by Primeholders is another perk of the platform as you don’t have to stress about financial or data security.

There are also a wide array of payment methods available such as bank transfer, debit and credit cards. The platform also offers the option of copy trading, which means that you can follow the best traders in the market and copy the trades they make in order to benefit from them. However, there are some downsides of Primeholders as well. Traders from the US cannot use it as it is not licensed in the country and there are some other countries that cannot access the platform either. Some advanced order types are also mentioned such as Iceberg, but they are not available on the platform as yet.


There is a complete FAQs sections on Primeholders’ website as they are aware that traders have some common questions to ask when they visit. Therefore, Primeholders have already provided detailed and accurate answers to ensure there is no confusion. Another important thing to note about Primeholders FAQs section is that they have asked their users to send any queries to their email. If they believe the question is valid and one that might be asked frequently, they will add it to the FAQs section to make it easier for other users to get answers and not have to wait for an email reply. This is one of the most impressive features of this particular section.

Moving on, Primeholders has also taken steps to verify that their FAQs section covers almost every single aspect of the website. You can find questions pertaining to the platform itself, the currency it supports as well as the languages in which it is available. You can find questions and answers pertaining to payment methods and also their security infrastructure. Another impressive feature is that the questions and answers have been formulated in a manner that even novices and amateurs who are new to the market will have absolutely no issue in understanding what Primeholders is all about.

Primeholders has also addressed questions regarding its licensing and regulations and has informed traders located in different countries about whether they can operate the platform or not. Apart from that, they also provide details about the currencies they support and how people can get started on the platform. Proper and easy instructions are provided to aid traders in using the platform without any hassle. If a trader feels the section is incomplete or needs more questions, they can send suggestions to Primeholders via email and get them added.

On a whole, Primeholders is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that has been designed for all traders who are interested in participating in the cryptocurrency market in order to benefit from its potential. Traders can access the platform and get started, regardless of their knowledge and expertise level. They have prioritized the security of their traders, which is of the utmost importance for most and have kept up with the modern technology trends by making their platform available on the web as well as smartphones.

Ensuring a smooth customer experience is also a goal due to which a simple and easy format has been used and the sign up process has also been kept straightforward. There is also adequate customer support available and traders can enjoy high financial stability and leverages without thinking about any security issues and threats that can be a part of other platforms. Traders can make huge profits and trade cryptocurrencies in the best possible way with Primeholders.