Sygnia is an asset management company which operate in South Africa. The company currently manage the $14.7 billion USD worth of assets and have more than 6000 local and international clients. The company has recently decided to open a cryptocurrency exchange in South Africa which will follow the standards of top cryptocurrency exchanges around the World. If you want to know more about the Sygnia Cryptocurrency exchange then please check our article “JSE-Listed Sygnia to Launch a Cryptocurrency Exchange” where we shared the details about the Sygnia Ltd and its Exchange. In this post, we will look into different events which are going to be held by Sygnia Exchange and how you can make good profits via SYG SOP Buyback Program.

Sygnia Exchange is currently in the ICO phase and they are conducting an SYG SOP Buyback Program (Private sale) where you can get the SYG coins. However, Sygnia is following a unique approach where they are offering dividend system where you can earn good profits by buying the SYG tokens with the Bitcoin and Ethereum. Sygnia Exchange is offering the 2.75% of the total exchange amount as an incentive to its customers. If you are interested in getting good profits from SYG SOP Buyback program then follow these steps.

  • The first step is to open an account on Sygnia Exchange and select the Exchange option.
  • Next step is to select the Paying currency where you can select the Bitcoin and Ethereum.
  • Next step is to receive currency where you can receive in USDT – Tether US.
  • Hit the “Exchange” button and you have exchanged your currency.
  • Now if you want you can immediately withdraw your money.
  • Go to Withdraw section and enter the receiving address to withdraw and the amount of USDT you want to withdraw.
  • Congrats you have earned 2.75% of the total investment.

Why is offering 2.75% on the SYG SOP Buyback Program?

This is the question which is frequently asked by many users and we have found the answer to this question. Normally when any new crypto exchange open they must hold the key cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum etc. in their reserve to start the crypto exchange and they normally buy the cryptocurrencies from the market. But in Sygnia, they are offering benefits to the customers and giving 2.75% of the total amount as an incentive to encourage the users to sell their bitcoins and Ethereum.


It is the second event where it will provide the as many tokens as man token as they hold every day at 9:00 AM. The people with more than 10,000 will be only eligible for the Airdrop. The Airdrop event will be completed before the 5 November 2018 and the airdrop event will end if the SYG Token specified for early backer is exhausted prematurely.

SYG Token Airdrop will place everyday and following is the table during the event period.

[10,000 SYG = Daily + 0.26%]
[50,000 SYG = Daily + 0.37%]
[100,000 SYG = Daily + 0.51%]

SYG Token bonus paid via a referral link

Sygnia is also offering the token bonus via referral link where you can refer SYG to your friends and they will receive the 700 SYG Tokens when they will subscribe. You can create your referrer link by following steps.

  • Sign in the
  • Open the “Copy my page referrer link”
  • Share it with your friends

Your friends will receive the 700 SYG tokens once they verify their identity. However, if your friends don’t verify their identity via 3-step verification then they will not get the 700 SYG tokens and you will also not get the payment unless they complete the process.

Benefits of holding SYG Tokens

Sygnia Exchange is owned by Sygnia Ltd. which is a well-known company and it is known for providing benefits to its clients. When you invest in Sygnia Exchange by buying the SYG tokens you get the following benefits

  • Once you get the Sygnia Tokens, Sygnia Exchange guarantees that 54% of revenue will be paid to members who own the SYG Tokens.
  • SYG token Holders will get up to 70% commission discount rate at Sygnia Exchange.
  • Sygnia Exchange also guarantees a 100:1 payment to its customers.
  • You will earn the daily dividend in the form of Airdrop until the event


Sygnia Exchange is following the innovative ways to conduct their private sale and the company is also following the policies of best cryptocurrency exchanges which will help the Sygnia Exchange to achieve the same success as other top cryptocurrency exchanges. Another big plus for Sygnia Exchange is the Sygnia Ltd. which is a well-established company and it has the trust of more than 6000 local and international corporate clients. The company has also said that they will introduce the programs in Sygnia Exchange to attract the corporate clients. Moreover, Sygnia Ltd. will use their experience and influence in the Sygnia Exchange which will make it successful. Let us know what you think about the Sygnia Exchange in the comment section below.