Investing Strategy for Cryptocurrency in 2018-2019?


Ilia Askey, CEO at Kexy

My strategy simply the best strategy. Buy NOT on candles if you already like project and sell when you feel the profits. Especially if they are significant.

For example my strategy was always to HOLD. I used to hold some coins (especially BTC) since August of 2012. And I haven’t sold them at 20k in January. I kept buying. Yes, I can dump 3 coins from top 10 to a really low level, but it doesn’t make sense to me to exit right now.

I see the future of cryptocurrency. In 2011–2013 I was just believer, then I was thinking about that too much that I see now that our future is behind the blockchain.

My pick for October was SiaCoin right before the start and I’ve invested 10 BTC into that. Already got 2.4 BTC of profits since I sold and re-bought back a bit lower. And my next move after I leave “short-term SiaCoin train” (which I am not fan of, but the event and idea is kind of crazy and great to me) is to go with my profits and initial investment into Stellar Lumens that is going down right now. And I will wait for a bit longer, because I believe that in the Future that we will be living in – Stellar Lumens is going to be really one of the biggest (if not the biggest or the only) part of that. That means that cycle that we are going to see till major support at 3000–3200 satoshi is my entry point. And then Coinbase announcements and other exciting news.

So. What I want to say… That moon confirmed =D
I hope I helped and have a nice day!