Rules That Beginner Bitcoin Investors Must Keep In Mind

Rules That Beginner Bitcoin Investors Must Keep In Mind

If you are new to bitcoin sphere and admired its attractive promises and want to gain wealth through investing in Bitcoin so you have to keep in mind some vital rules to succeed.

Buy Low Sell High

This is the main and first rule when you invest in something. The Difference between buy price and sell price makes your revenue. Never panic and buy something which constantly grows at price. Remember that Bitcoin price will go up until its market capitalization will reach significant amount of worlds money transactions.

Loss vs Gain

Assume that you bought Bitcoin for $2500 or $4500. In case of Loss you will lost only $2500 or $4500. In case of Gain (in the long term) you can multiply it x2, x3, x5, x10 times and maybe more.

Bitcoin is Different

Always remember that Bitcoin is different thing and there were no precedent of this kind of thing before. That means you can not predict or calculate what will happen next. Example: When on August 1-st Bitcoin & Bitcoin Cash split happen. No body could tell you that the prices will go up so quick and so high. 

Do Not Invest in ICO

Remember not to invest in ICO (Initial Coin Offering). Thought it is very beautiful financial tool. There are not yet any significantly developed and sustainable business model project to prove investments into this kind of projects. Never invest in ICO.