If you want to get in on literally the next big thing before it explodes to dizzying heights, the way its  model the Bitcoin has surprised us all, then this is your big chance as SantaCoin is here, and will be launching in less than a week’s time.

SantaCoin is built based on Bitcoin’s Scrypt Proof of Work (PoW) algorithm comes with the promise of delivering a high quality, privacy centered and fully decentralized cryptocurrency that is bound to make heads turn as soon as it hits the ground running. The new kid on the block which is going on full sale within 6 days has several key features that have already gained it thousands of pre-sale subscribers. Some of its exciting features include:

Extremely Rewarding Mining Process

One of the biggest drawbacks of Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies is that they have lost touch with millions of cryptocurrency enthusiasts around the world who are eager to hop on the train and enjoy the amazing new technology. Most have become completely inaccessible to millions due to the exorbitant amounts needed to mine them

SantaCoin aims to change all that, as its mining process promises to be very fair and highly reward to all participants. It promises that for each block, there will be flat reward of 1 STC to be had. This apparent fairness is truly a breath of fresh air that is certain to attract thousands if not millions of mining enthusiasts around the world. The mining process which is similar to Bitcoin’s can be done using standard ASIC miners or simply by plugging in your PC’s CPU to stake a claim.

SantaCoin Gambling

Another feature that SantaCoin has been promoting is that it has a tailored use for the gambling industry as it seeks to ease payment for online gambling and at the same time protects users from being defrauded or shortchanged during their exciting gambling experience. The instantaneous payment system will surely make it easy for players to deal with their payments, while staying anonymous as they wish, without risking their credit cards or personal information to possible fraud and hackers. The gaming industry has been crying for such a payment system and SantaCoin has finally arrived with the solution.

Lucrative Lending

One of the key features that SantaCoin has which its big cousin doesn’t is its amazingly lucrative lending program. In this program, a user might chose to lend their SantaCoin holding for a certain pre-determined period, at very attractive interest rates. After the agreed period, the lender gets back their investments intact with the interest accrued, and with the added advantage that before the lending period expires SantaCoin value must have increased dramatically. This feature is truly a revelation for those who want to make that much on their investment. This is an opportunity for a double reward.

SantaCoin is presently in its last pre-sale phase and is dead set on hitting the ground rolling mainly because of the sound ideas behind it. For those interested in buying in before the official sale date, the company accepts Bitcoin as the means of payment.