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With “Coin2fx”, a trader can have a successful trading journey that not many can offer.

Coin2fx Review 2019

With so many brokers to choose from, it is a given that even the smartest investors can often get confused and not know which way to go. Every broker you come across seems like the perfect fit, until you move to the next one. Due to the increase in the number of fraudulent schemes and scams, investors and traders have had to exercise a lot of caution to ensure they are not making the wrong choice in the long run. is gradually becoming a popular choice of a number of traders and for good reason. This online brokerage is providing the best possible trading services and people can enjoy unique benefits that may not be available elsewhere.

Coin2fx was established in 2009 by a group of experts in various areas that have all contributed their expertise to form this leading online broker. Their expertise, experience and resources have helped in making Coin2fx one of the top trading platforms for traders, no matter what part of the world they are in. They provide investors with flexible trading conditions and offer them access to any market they wish to trade in, which is not something every platform can claim.

The website has a very user-friendly and clean design with everything in its respective section. This has made it immensely easy for traders to navigate the world of Coin2fx and achieve their trading goals at their own pace. The first step is the sign up process and this is very straightforward. You need to decide the type of account you are after and once that is done, it takes only a few steps for it to be done. Coin2fx is regarded as a comprehensive trading solution because it provides investors with five kinds of accounts to choose from, again not common in other brokers.

Let’s take a look at the features of these account types:

  • Basic Account

This account type has been created for traders who are novices and are just taking their first steps in the trading world. As the minimum deposit limit is €500, it is a good option for beginners. They get access to advanced charts, trading alerts, trading sessions twice a month, trading signals, junior account manager for two weeks and also daily market review. Customer support is available 24/5, a loyalty bonus of 30% and 10% leverage is also included. Part access to educational material is also provided.

  • Silver Account

For traders who have had some experience, the silver account is a good choice as its minimum deposit limit is around €2,500. Almost all features of a basic account can be found in this one, but with some added perks. The leverage available is 20% and the trading sessions can be availed twice a week instead of twice a month.

  • Gold Account

In this particular account type, the minimum deposit limit is increased to €10,000 so it is the right option for traders who have had some seasoning. The leverage associated with this account is 30% and it also includes access to exclusive updates, webinars and complete freedom to enjoy all educational material provided. Traders can have both junior and senior account managers and get trading signals twice a day instead of once. The trading sessions are also conducted thrice a week.

  • Platinum Account

Investors who have now become experts in the trading world will appreciate what the platinum account at Coin2fx has to offer. Investment starts at €50,000 and the loyalty bonus is also increased to 40% as is the leverage. Trading signals can now be checked three times a day and traders can enjoy as many trading sessions as they want.

  • Diamond Account

Expert traders who are now ready to become professionals are the ones who should go with the diamond account as its minimum deposit limit begins at €250,000. Loyalty bonus gets a boost with the diamond account as it is 50% and the same is applicable to the leverage. Pretty much everything is unlimited here.

High End Trading Platform

This kind of flexibility in accounts is not seen elsewhere. Other than that, Coin2fx has also chosen to forego MetaTrader4 in favor of proprietary trading software, which is an excellent software that can enable participants to execute and manage their trades as seamlessly as possible. There are no lags or other hassles, which provides a smooth experience to everyone. Moreover, there is a referral program at Coin2fx that allows traders to earn money even without making investments. All they have to do is refer the platform to someone.

Coin2fx Affiliate Program

Every single deposit made by a direct referral will earn you a 10% commission, which means you can get thousands of dollars in commission just by asking people to join. In addition, people referred by your direct referral can also be a source of income for you as you get 3% commission from their deposits.

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Trading Education

A feature that’s not seen in many brokers out there is the availability of webinars and has incorporated them in its platform. These webinars requires plenty of resources and Coin2fx has not spared any in ensuring that its clients get the best. They are conducted by experts in the financial market for the benefit of all participants. The other courses and educational material available on Coin2fx is also very valuable as it can help both amateurs and experts in learning new strategies and trading styles they were not familiar with.

Security and Funds

Security is not an element traders need to worry about as 256-bit SSL encryption is used by Coin2fx along with other measures such as firewall. The funds are also kept in segregated accounts and with top investment banks to ensure their safety.

Customer Service

Reliable customer service is also provided 24/5 and friendly and responsive agents are ready to assist you when you need through email, phone and live chat.

With “Coin2fx”, a trader can have a successful trading journey that not many can offer.