How do you think? Does it worth to invest in Ripple?

No – do not be Deceived by Ripples Sudden Success and Price Pick. This cryptocoin is regulated by banks union and are under control of the same institutions which were controlling the worlds fiat money for last century.

Instead of it invest in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Forks, Litecoin, IOTA and other revolutionary cryptocurrencies which are not controlled by any mighty universities.

Also disadvantage of Ripple is that when you create ripple wallet address you have to buy 21 ripple in order to spend 1 ripple. You always must to keep 20 ripple on your wallet. If one ripple price will be $10 then you will keep $200 in your wallet as a dead money which you are not allowed to spend.

Defend crypto community and crypto-revolution spirit! And Do Not Invest In Ripple Any Penny!!!