RoyalCBank Review: Make Your Foray Into The Trading World With RoyalCBank


RoyalCBank  Review

Are you thinking about becoming a trader? These days, there are many people who are considering entering this world because of its potential to help them in earning a lot more than they can with their 9 to 5 jobs. If you have done all your research, made up your mind and are ready to begin, you will first have to look for an online broker. You cannot trade without one because they provide you with access to platforms and various financial instruments to invest in. But, when you start your search, you will realize that making this choice itself can be immensely difficult. Why? This is because there is a horde of brokers in the market and opting for one is easier said than done.

Some brokers claim to offer the most competitive spreads whereas others state that they offer you access to the most financial instruments. Obviously, you would be confused. Ideally, you need to select a broker that can offer you the most comprehensive package i.e. offers you everything you may need during trading. One such option is none other than RoyalCBank online trading platform. This broker has ensured that it provides its clients with access to some of the best features, tools and services in the market, which can help them in trading. Let’s take an in-depth look at its different aspects:

  • Robust trading platforms

Knowing what trading platforms are on offer by the broker is of the utmost importance. This is mostly due to the fact that these platforms determine what kind of experience you have while trading. If a platform is complicated and involves a lot of hassles, you will find trading difficult and there will be a learning curve as well. RoyalCBank  has designed a trading platform that can suit all its users, no matter what their skill or background. The broker knows exactly how important it is to execute trades quickly for capitalizing on market movements and so it has created a fully functioning and user-friendly trading platform.

The best part about this trading platform is that RoyalCBank  has equipped with the most innovative tools and features that can aid its clients. The platform can be downloaded on the desktop for ease of use or you can also install its app on your smartphones for trading on the go. Traditional traders have also been accommodated as a web version of the trading platform has also been developed by RoyalCBank .

  • A wide array of financial instruments

One of the strongest features of RoyalCBank , which has helped it in beating out the competition, is the wide array of financial instruments it has on offer for its customers. Most brokers you will come across don’t offer more than a few common options. In contrast, Royal C Bank  has given you access to financial instruments that are spread across different classes. The broker allows you to put your money in cryptocurrencies, commodities, forex market, stocks and indices. Under these categories, you will find an endless list of options.

For instance, if you decide to go with the less volatile option of indices, Royal C Bank  opens the door for you to invest in NASDAQ, FTSE and DAX amongst others. Likewise, if you are interested in trading currency pairs in the foreign exchange market, Royal C Bank  lets you trade pairs of currencies like USD, CAD, AUD, GBP, EUR and more. You have a variety of options in the commodities market as well, which includes soft commodities like corn, wheat, coffee etc., and precious metals like silver, gold, platinum and palladium. Cryptocurrency is the newest asset available for trade and keeping up with the trends, RoyalCBank  has given its users the opportunity of investing in some top cryptos in the market like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ethereum.

Suffice it to say, with RoyalCBank , you will be able to trade the asset of your choice or even multiple assets, if you want to diversify your portfolio and spread your risks. Nonetheless, one thing to bear in mind is that the broker offers CFD trading. This means that you will buy and sell a contract for the asset in question instead of the asset itself. You will purchase on sell, based on your prediction of the asset’s price movements and your profit will vary accordingly.

  • The multiple account options

The problem with most online trading brokers is that they stick to the standard options when it comes to account types. They have accounts for beginner traders, which are mostly practice and demo accounts. Then, they have an option for medium level traders, who come with experience and the last option is for professional traders. But, what of those who are halfway between medium and professional or those who are done with practice, but nowhere near the medium level?

RoyalCBank  is aware that the skill level for every trader can vary. Therefore, the broker has incorporated not one or two, but a total of six account types for people to choose from. The target audience for each of these accounts is different and this gives you considerably more freedom for selecting one that suits your needs in the best possible way.

The first account option is the Basic one and since it is for beginners, Royal C Bank  has made sure it is convenient and easy to sign up for it. The deposit requirement for this account is around 500 EUR and there is a 10% loyalty bonus associated with it. There are different features associated with this account such as daily market review, a junior account manager for 2 weeks, 24/5 customer support, trading signals once every day and 10% insurance level. The next option you will come across is known as the Silver account and you have to deposit 10,000 EUR to sign up for it.

The loyalty bonus for this account is increased to 20% and along with the basic account features, it boasts advanced charts, trading signals and alerts, WhatsApp support and saving account. The Gold account is the third option at your disposal with RoyalCBank  and you can open this account when you deposit 100,000 EUR. With this account, you can access exclusive updates, webinars, education center, trading signals two times in a day, group of analyst and junior and senior account managers. The loyalty bonus and insurance is increased to 30% with this account type.

Next is the Platinum account option in which the loyalty bonus and insurance level hits 60% and the deposit requirement is increased to 250,000 EUR. There is money management support provided and trading signals are given three times in a day. The Diamond account is the fifth option and the bonus and insurance level is now 80% with a deposit of 500,000 EUR. You will be invited to VIP events and trading signals are available throughout the day. Last, but not the least, the Millioner Club is for professional traders and it requires 1,000,000 EUR in deposit to give you access to everything that the broker offers. The bonus and insurance is 100%.

  • The numerous payment options

Sending and receiving money from your account with a broker can also influence your experience. If it is too complicated, most people will end up switching brokers. RoyalCBank  has ensured that making deposits and withdrawals is easy for everyone who decides to use their platform. Debit and credit cards are available and they are not just restricted to Visa and MasterCard. Bank wire transfers can be made and the broker has also introduced e-payment methods for the convenience of its users.

  • The reliable customer service

The customer support that a broker provides can also impact on your decision to sign up with them or not. RoyalCBank  has made its customers a priority and is available to assist them whenever they need. You can get in touch with the broker’s representatives through different methods such as email, online form and a live chat option. You can also call them up if you want a quick response. Your issues will be resolved as quickly as possible and you can continue with your trading.

  • The strong security measures

Royal C Bank  has also implemented strong security measures for protecting the personal information of its clients. They have implemented Know your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) policies to ensure its customers don’t become victims of any fraud. They encrypt all the data on their website so hackers are unable to make sense of it, even if they are able to access it. Moreover, they also protect their client funds by keeping them in segregated accounts so there is no misappropriation, whatsoever, and their money is safe.


These are some of the features and services that have helped RoyalCBank  in becoming one of the most preferred brokers nowadays. Every trader, no matter what their background, can sign up with them as they have an account option for their needs. Whether it is good customer service, innovative features or a versatile trading platform, RoyalCBank has everything that you will need for your trading needs.