An Honest Review of StsRoyal: How To Make Your Mark in the Cryptocurrency Market


Review of StsRoyal Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

The first every cryptocurrency, Bitcoin hit the market in 2009. It was undoubtedly a major invention, but people were skeptical about its success because of its lack of regulation. In the initial days, it was used more for nefarious activities than it was for making payments or trading. However, things have changed rapidly in the past few years as cryptocurrencies have gained acceptance and have gotten immensely popular. Their profit potential has also shot up and this has prompted many people to consider trading cryptocurrencies for achieving their financial goals. Gone are the days when it was just Bitcoin dominating the crypto market; now there are plenty of others, such as Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple that are also climbing to the top.

Therefore, it is not surprising to see that more and more people are now eager to trade this new instrument. It is one of the top reasons that the number of crypto brokers has also shot up in the market. If you are also looking to invest in this vehicle, you can start looking for a broker. One of the top choices for an investment trading platform is StsRoyal. Based in Germany, this is a great place to get started with your trading because it has been developed to address the needs of crypto traders and so it can do the job right. It can help you make your mark because it offers the following features:

An extensive range of cryptocurrencies to choose from

Yes, that’s right. Knowing how quickly the market is expanding, StsRoyal has chosen to let its customers dip their toes into as many cryptocurrencies as they like. Bitcoin is not the only option out there and to be honest, it is out of range of many who have a limited capital to invest. StsRoyal ensures that you don’t have to restrict yourself and it gives you plenty of room to invest in as many crypto coins as you like. This is a great benefit because it allows you to diversify your investment as much as possible, which can certainly boost your profits and keep your losses under control. Moreover, the broker is constantly adding newer options as they are introduced so you don’t have to switch brokers anytime soon.

Cost of trading is very reasonable and that matters the most

Just like you cannot run a business without incurring any costs, you cannot trade any instrument without having to pay some fee or charges. There is no standard pricing that can be followed here and the costs charged by a broker will take a chunk of money, but the size of the chunk depends on the broker you choose. This is one concern that you don’t need to have where StsRoyal is concerned. Brokers have two ways of making money; either via commission or through spreads. StsRoyal has chosen the latter option, which is a lot more reasonable. The difference between the buying and selling price of an asset is referred to as spread and the broker has very tight spreads so the cost is very low.

Apart from that, you don’t need to worry about any hidden costs because the broker doesn’t have any transfer charges, heavy withdrawal fees, account maintenance fee or dormant account fee. Whatever charges the broker may impose, they communicate it right away so you don’t have to be surprised later on. In this way, StsRoyal ensures that its clients can have a profitable trading experience because they don’t have to give a big chunk of their earnings away in trading costs.

Leverage is available for expanding your investment to great extent

Not everyone has a huge capital at their disposal when they decide to start trading cryptocurrencies. Even if you are not planning to invest in Bitcoin, you still need to have a significant sum of money to make significant returns. This often becomes a hurdle when you think positions are profitable, but simply don’t have enough finances to open one. You can only watch as the opportunity slips out from your fingers. With StsRoyal, you can actually act on your instincts as the broker offers you leverage for every trade. You can enjoy 1:5 leverage, which is considerable for the cryptocurrency market. It means that for every dollar that you invest, the broker will put in five times as much.

If the trade is profitable, you get to earn five times more than you have invested. In addition, the margin requirement is also low, which is a plus because it means that you don’t have to have a lot of money in your account to make a trade, giving you more freedom.

The security of the platform is top notch

The cryptocurrency market has had more than its fair share of scams, frauds and hacks. Therefore, people are very hesitant in trusting anyone with their sensitive information as they don’t want to be victims. StsRoyal is aware of the different incidents that have taken place and have taken appropriate measures to counter the risks. The highest standard of SSL encryption is used for encrypting every single piece of data that’s entered by people. A strong firewall is used for keeping third parties away and no unauthorized individual is given access. Likewise, the broker has also opted to use KYC (Know Your Customer) policy to ensure only legitimate people can use their platform for trading.

The customer support is exceptional

When you are using a new trading investment platform, it is a given that you will have questions to ask and so StsRoyal has created an FAQ section where you can find answers to common questions easily. If you have any further queries, they also have different channels that can be used for getting in touch with their agents. Other than that, they also give you access to a personal consultant who can provide you guidance and tips about crypto trading, which can be immensely beneficial.

In this way, StsRoyal can play a vital role in how well you are able to navigate the crypto market and get a return on your investment.