This is not the first time that at UseTheBitcoin we comment about Netherlands and the intention of its government to use Blockchain technology. We now know that the municipality of Haarlem is developing a IOTA (MIOTA) based solution for the administration of legal documents.

The companies ICTU and XURUX are behind the project to verify legal documents within the ‘IOTA Blockchain.’ Just an example of how this system will work, any citizen will be able to demonstrate that he is an inhabitant of Haarlem using Blockchain technology. In this way, he avoids to go to the town hall so as to receive an official extract.

Netherlands Pioneer in Blockchain Technology Use

Bas de Boer, innovation manager of the municipality of Haarlem and initiator of the project, said:

“By figure of speech, the application could be deployed tomorrow. It enhances the technology and its adaptation in the public domain, improving society as a whole.”

The technology can be soon implemented and it is just a matter of time to see it active. As Moscow will implement the Ethereum voting system, the Dutch government will work in similar ways with Blockchain technology.

The decision of choosing IOTA is not just because of the name. Some questions from the Bitcoin network have been solved, like high energy consumption, high transaction costs, and slow transaction speed. As IOTA has been released to be freely used by governments, the intention is to start using it in 2018.

Bosch is one of the interested firms in using IOTA. According to the Bosch Venture Capital GmbH (RBVC), Bosch wants to intensify the collaboration with IOTA and accelerate the technology to be able to use it. Other enterprises that are collaborating with IOTA are Teutsche Telekom, Microsoft and Fujitsu.

IOTA focuses in the Internet of Things (IoT), allowing enterprises to explore new B2B models. Using a technology known as Tangle, IOTA reduces transactions fee to zero, the confirmation times are faster than in other blockchains and the system can handle an unlimited number of transactions simultaneously.